Dear Customers,

To ensure the protection of you and our rights, please read carefully and read the terms of use of the online store

In order to make purchases at VERAV Ltd., registration number 40003604654, legal address Ezera iela 19, Ikšķile, LV-5052, (hereinafter - SELLER) on the website, the BUYER must read and accept the Purchase Terms and Conditions offered by the SELLER before making a purchase (hereinafter - the Terms).



1.1.1. The SELLER shall sell the goods placed on the SELLER'S WEBSITE (hereinafter - the INTERNET SHOP). The BUYER shall purchase the product in accordance with the assortment that is provided in Latvian, English or Russian language on the INTERNET SHOP (hereinafter - ORDER) and accept it.

1.1.2. Ownership of the goods shall pass to the BUYER with the date of full payment and receipt of the purchase price.

1.1.3. The SELLER shall use the e-mail address and/or mobile phone number specified by the BUYER when communicating with the BUYER. All notices delivered to the BUYER at the email address and telephone number specified in the order shall be deemed received.

1.1.4. Product images displayed in the INTERNET SHOP are as close as possible to reality but may differ from the product offered. In order to clarify the characteristics of the item or to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding regarding the ordering of the item, the BUYER shall have the right and opportunity to contact the SELLER using the means of communication and contact information specified in these TERMS.

1.1.5. BUYER agrees to process his/her personal data provided at registration, order and/or obtained through the use of the online store for processing an order (contract), including transfer to third parties for delivery, payment processing.

1.1.6. The TERMS AND CONDITIONS are subject to change without notice and are published on the Internet shop's website The BUYER is obliged to read the TERMS every time before placing an order. Your use of the Online Store, registration and / or placing an order after the publication of any changes to the Terms shall serve as the BUYER's consent to these changes.


1.2.1. By registering in the INTERNET SHOP and agreeing to these TERMS, the BUYER certifies that he is a person of legal age. If the BUYER is a legal entity, the BUYER certifies that they are acting on their behalf by an authorized person.

1.2.2. The BUYER warrants that he will operate the Store in accordance with the law only in an authorized manner. In the event of any violation of the TERMS or regulations, the SELLER shall have the right to immediately annul the contract with the BUYER regarding a purchase and / or to prohibit the BUYER from using the INTERNET SHOP.

1.2.3. The BUYER will provide valid contact details (telephone number, email address) when registering.


            1.3.1. If the PURCHASE is made exclusively through distance communication in the INTERNET SHOP, a distance contract is concluded between the SELLER and the BUYER.

1.3.2. The distance contract shall take effect from the moment the BUYER has placed an order in the INTERNET STORE and the SELLER has delivered confirmation of the order made via e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the BUYER.

1.3.3. The right of withdrawal arising from the distance contract in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law and Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 255 - "Provisions Concerning Distance Contracts", shall apply only to the BUYER who is considered to be a consumer under this law (a natural person who is not engaged in business activities).


            1.4.1. Except as provided below, the BUYER who is a consumer within the meaning of law may exercise the right of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from the purchase of the item specified in the order within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of the date of mutual signing of the acceptance / delivery deed ( in the case of goods delivered separately, the date of acceptance of the acknowledgment of receipt for the last item, or, in the case of supplies consisting of several lots or parts, of the date of acceptance of the acknowledgment of delivery for the last item or part; in the case of contracts for the regular supply of goods, from the date of acceptance of the act of acceptance of the first product). The right of withdrawal shall not apply to distance purchases.

            1.4.2. If the goods have been delivered through parcel services, the BUYER, who is a consumer within the meaning of the law, may exercise the right of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from the purchase of the item specified in the order within 14 days from the time the buyer has removed the item from the parcel.

            1.4.3. The BUYER shall notify the SELLER of the decision to withdraw from the order prior to the expiration of the right of withdrawal by submitting a withdrawal form or a notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal. The deadline is met if the buyer sends the cancellation form (in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 255 of May 20, 2014 - “Regulations on Distance Contract”, hereinafter - Cabinet Regulation No. 255) or a notice regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal to the SELLER. It is the buyer's responsibility to prove the right of withdrawal.

            1.4.4. The sending of the cancellation form or notice of cancellation within the term terminates the ORDER and relieves the Purchaser of the contractual obligations arising from the distance order.

1.4.5. The BUYER shall return the item to the SELLER or return it to the SELLER or his authorized representative without undue delay, but not later than 14 (fourteen) days after sending the SELLER a waiver form or a notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal. The time limit is met if the item is returned before the expiration of the 14 (fourteen) day period.

1.4.6. The SELLER can provide the BUYER with the opportunity to submit the cancellation form electronically via the e-mail ( or on the SELLER's website In such a case, the SELLER shall promptly notify the PURCHASER of the receipt of the rejection via e-mail.

1.4.7. The SELLER shall, without undue delay, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the Purchaser's decision to withdraw from the PURCHASE, refund to the BUYER the amount paid by him, including the delivery costs paid by the BUYER. The SELLER shall reimburse the said amount using a payment instrument of the same type as the BUYER, unless the BUYER has expressly agreed to another payment instrument and the BUYER is not charged for the use of such payment instrument.

1.4.8. The BUYER shall bear the direct cost of returning the item, returning the item to the Seller's address 17A Skolas iela, Ikšķile, LV-5052, Latvia

1.4.9. The BUYER may not exercise the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. In the cases referred to in paragraph 22, including when:

the price of the commodity is subject to fluctuations in the financial market which the SELLER cannot control and which may arise during the term of the right of withdrawal;

The BUYER has opened a package for a product that cannot be returned for health and hygiene reasons;

1.4.10. The BUYER is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the goods during the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The BUYER shall be liable for any diminished value of the good used for any purpose other than ascertaining the nature, characteristics and performance of the good, and for returning it to its full condition.

1.4.11. The SELLER shall be entitled to withhold the refund of the money paid by the BUYER under the distance purchase agreement until the SELLER has received the item or the SELLER has submitted to the SELLER a confirmation that the item has been returned, whichever is earlier.


1.5.1. Complaint about availability or quality of goods shall be submitted electronically by sending to the following e-mail address or in writing by sending it to the legal address Ezera iela 19, Ikšķile, LV-5052. The complaint will be processed no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the complaint by sending a reply to the contact address indicated in the complaint. Disputes concerning the fulfillment of obligations shall be settled by negotiation.



2.1.1. All prices of goods in the INTERNET SHOP are shown in EURO including VAT 21%.

2.1.2. The cost of delivery of the goods to the BUYER is not included in the price of the goods and in addition to the price of the goods the BUYER pays for the delivery services, if a fee is specified for the particular type of delivery.

2.1.3. If the item is offered at a special offer price (promotional price), the offer is valid for the period indicated next to the item in the ONLINE STORE.

2.1.4. By accepting an order in accordance with the order form, the BUYER agrees to the amount and payment of the applicable delivery price (if applicable for that particular shipping method). The BUYER shall bear the SELLER's costs for delivery at the delivery service price even if the item has not been delivered to the BUYER due to its fault (incl. incorrect information provided regarding, address, place/time), as well as re-delivery costs, if any have emerged.


            2.3.1. Payment for the item and the selected delivery service can be made through online bank transfer system, debit card, credit card payment online or by cash payment at VERAV stores upon receipt of the item, or by payment according to the invoice issued by the SELLER within the time specified by the SELLER. bank account.

            2.3.2. The terms of payment for the item may depend on the delivery method chosen by the BUYER.

            2.3.3. Payment of the purchase price of the goods shall be evidenced by a document certifying payment (cashier's check, cashier's check, strict accounting receipt). If the BUYER makes a payment by bank transfer, including a payment card, the day of payment is considered the day when the payment is received in the SELLER bank account.


            2.4.1. In order to purchase an item, the BUYER who has entered the INTERNET SHOP and accepted these TERMS shall make a purchase on the INTERNET SHOP and accept it by clicking the button with the appropriate indication.

2.4.2. The SELLER will send confirmation of the order's entry into force and execution upon receipt of the buyer's order. The order shall remain in force until it is executed or terminated in the cases provided for in these TERMS.

2.4.3. Delivery of the Goods to the BUYER shall be performed in the manner chosen by the BUYER, after payment of the purchase fee and payment of the price of the selected delivery service. The goods that are in the warehouse of the online store are delivered at the specified time. The SELLER shall notify the BUYER of the availability of the item to one of the BUYER contacts (e-mail address, telephone number) specified in the application.

2.4.4. The BUYER is obligated to be reachable by telephone and / or e-mail specified in the ORDER to agree on delivery details and other issues during the execution of the order.

2.4.5. If the SELLER is unable to perform the contract because the item ordered by the BUYER is unavailable, the SELLER shall be obliged to inform the BUYER thereof. In that case, the SELLER may offer the BUYER an equivalent item at an equivalent price.

2.4.6. If the order is being delivered through a parcel service, the order shall be considered executed, when after receiving SMS and/or e-mail notification about the delivery of the item, the BUYER removes the item from the parcel box.

2.4.7 All payments in the online shop are made in Euro.


2.5.1. The BUYER has the opportunity to purchase any selected item in the INTERNET SHOP by ordering it at or by phone (65030890, 26592069) or e-mail (


2.6.1. The SELLER does not keep distance contracts for goods purchased in the INTERNET STORE.


At all stages of the order process, the INTERNET SHOP USER has the ability to edit the entered data by going back one or more steps. Any defects found after the order confirmation can be corrected by the BUYER by contacting VERAV store employees by phone +371 65030890, 26592069 or by e-mail



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