Filtrs A1B1E1K1 pusmaskām Euromask


Filter A1B1E1K1 for half-masks Euromask



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Filter A1B1E1K1 for half-masks Euromask

Low capacity filters A1B1E1K1 to be used with a half-mask Euromask.

Gas content <0.1%. Suitable for protection against organic gases and vausts boiling point >65°C.

For protection against inorganic gases and vaugs, hydrogen sulphide (hydrogen sulphide), hydrogen cyanide (sylic acid), not valid against carbon monoxide.

Protection against sulphur dioxide, sulphur anhydride, hydrocarbonchlorinated acid, ammonia and ammonium derivatives.

Do not use for radioactive materials, micro-organisms and biochemicals.

Price is for 1 pc.

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